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Hoggi Bingo Evolution

Rehab Push Chair

Size 1, 2 & 2X & 3. Up to 110LBS

Color options

The Hoggi Bingo Evolution is a fantastic special needs stroller packed with features that are upgrades on other strollers. The Hoggi Bingo Evolution is even better with refined and improved features!  Hoggi products are manufactured in Germany and offer outstanding craftsmanship.

Standard Features

45 Deg. Tilt in Space
Front or Rear Facing
Height Adj. Push Handle
Cargo Basket
Reclining Back to 160 Deg.
Fully Horizontal Back (180 deg) w/ combo of Tilt & Recline Angle
Adjustable Legrest
Compact Folding Design
Adjustable Seat and Back Shell

Adaptive Suspension System

Optionally the BINGO Evolution has a fourfold adjustable frame suspension system which can be easily adjusted without tools everytime. The innovative suspension system absorbs bumps from the ground, allowing the frame to be flexible in all directions, even diagonally which is especially effective off road or on rough terrain.

The mode of operation allows a power-saving bending on the rear wheels, e.g. to get over curbs.

For an optimal adaption to the load capacity until maximal 110lbs, there are two different spring sets available:

– spring set for a load capacity up to 55lbs

– spring set for a load capacity over 55lbs

Standard IUS – Individual Upholstery System

Removable foam cushions in the seat-, back-, head areas and lateral supports allow an easy customization of the seating position.

Evolution OT Plus

Custom seating can be added to the Bingo Evolution OT Plus that features two 1″ round back canes.   Dealer supplied after market seating can be added for children who require more significant postural or head support from a separate headrest.

45° Tilt

The special construction of the tilt mechanism allows a 45° tilt of the seat unit in and in a reverse riding position without compromising the overall stability.

Tilt & backrest recline

The operating elements of the tilt & backrest recline are positioned centrally and allow an easy and secure handling.

TILT/RECLINE Standard with a huge 45° tilt -in-space and a massive 70° recline. This means the seat can be made virtually flat which is great for encouraging children to sleep or those who require a near horizontal position for head control and airway management.

Massive Respiratory Equipment Tray Option

With the respiratory package, a massive 3 piece respiratory equipment tray can be added to the chassis to carry all the necessary equipment a child may need.


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