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Jenx Junior+

Seating system for Mild, Moderate & Complex Needs

Age Range (approx): 3 - 12 years

A comfortable, contoured and stable modular seating system, designed to suit the needs of children with either complex or mild needs between 3 and 12 years. The Junior provides an outstanding level of adjustment with a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options, This means the Junior can be exactly tailored to the specific needs of every child. Available in Gray only in US.

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Jenx Junior+ – Seating System

Created with significant input from parents, the Junior Plus has been designed to incorporate the maximum in terms of functionality, flexibility and style. New options for wider back pads, a extension post and extra padded seating mean that it also grows with the child too. Combine this with the adjustable back angle, tilt-in-space, two piece back and lumbar support, and innovative leg control options and you have a seating system that not only meets all needs from mild to complex, but can be specifically tailored to an individual too.


Outstanding Pelvic Control System
Contoured seating with memory foam seat pad, independently adjustable lumbar/sacral support and a 4 point lap strap provided as standard. Plus optional ischial bar to help prevent sacral slipping

Leg Control Pads
Unique leg control pads that enable the leg position to be controlled independently of the pelvic position, creating abduction, adduction or controlling windsweeping. Can be used individually, or as a 2 or even 4. As well as simple to adjust, they flip out of the way for smooth, safe and dignified transfers

PU Support Pads
Included as standard for hip support and available in a range of sizes with easy, flip away action for trunk and leg support. PU is fully flexible, easy to clean and impervious to fluids making them hygienic and robust

Adjustable Seat Depth
The seat depth can be adjusted easily and without tools on each of the three sizes of Junior, ensuring the fit is exactly right for each child

Back Angle Adjustment
From 15 degrees recline through to 15 degrees prone, this feature can be used to create the required hip angle for the optimum seating position for each child

Two different Base Options
Both base options are height adjustable. Choose from the X-base or Y- base

Adjustable Back Height
From 310mm on the size 1 to 500mm on the size 3, plus an extra 75mm can be added with the 5-port back extension post, meaning the Junior can grow with the child

Jenx Junio Plus Technical SpecificationsSize 2
Size 3
Age Range (approx)3 Years to
8 Years
5 Years to
12 Years
Max User Weight110LBS
Back Angle+15º to -15º+15º to -15º
Back Pad Height (seat to top min/max)13 – 17 inches
14¼ – 18 inches
Back Pad Height (with Extension Post)13 – 19¾ inches
14¼ – 21 inches
Chest Width (min/max)7¼ – 11 inches
7¼ – 11 inches
Hip Width (min/max)6¾ – 13 inches
6¾ – 13 inches
Seat Depth (min/max)9½ – 12½ inches
(240-320 mm)
10¾ – 15¼ inches
Lower Leg Length (min/max with 3 options)9¾ – 14¼ inches
9¾ – 16 inches
Seat Tilt (posterior/anterior)30º to -10º30º to -10º
Seat to Floor (min/max)13¼ – 30 inches
13¼ – 30 inches
Y-Base (Footprint)25½ – 30¾ inches
25½ – 30¾ inches
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