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A versatile, strong and comfortable high-sided bed, suitable for those with limited mobility

Who it’s for

The Siesta is designed for those who may have a lot of movement and strength, but are unable or disinclined to pull up or climb over the high sides. The customised design makes it suitable for those with complex or varying nursing needs and those requiring a hoist. It’s robust “flex-out” sides can be kicked, punched, head-butted or rocked against, and help keep a person safe from injuries and from falling against hard surfaces, for example during seizures. Hear feedback from families and healthcare professionals in Our Success Stories about the benefits the Siesta Sleeping Compartment and Siesta Hi-Lo have brought.


The Siesta creates a safe, low stimulation environment that promotes easier settling at bedtime and improves sleep patterns, providing a safer environment for those who continue to wake at night.

The Siesta’s versatility and easy clean design make it particularly suitable for use as a high sided hospital bed or in other situations where a wide range of client’s needs can be accommodated by one extremely tough and versatile piece of equipment.

A choice of opening panels on anything from one to all four sides, allow access for nursing and care, including head end for emergency resuscitation.


The Siesta is made with the same heavy duty PVC fabric as all our products, supported on a strong frame and base. The walls flex out to absorb impact and so require a clearance of 10 in. from any hard surface.

The Siesta can be jet washed, or the fabric can be easily removed for steam-cleaning, to support infection control.

Opening panels can be zipped open and clipped back, or rolled up for ease of access.

Viewing panels allow in light, create a sense of space, and facilitate observation and communication between client and carer, which can be restricted by other designs of high sided beds. A viewing panel at the foot end can allow the client to watch television or enjoy sensory products.

The Siesta has a raised platform to accommodate mobile hoisting and an open top to accommodate ceiling track hoisting. The Siesta comes with a 6 in. mattress as standard or can be used with other specialist mattresses.

Contact us for a Technical specification and to discuss individuals requirements.


Roll-up opening sides and viewing panels The Siesta comes with 1 roll-up opening side, with an inbuilt viewing panel as standard. Extra opening sides, with or without viewing panels, can be added. A non opening side with an extra viewing panel is also an option.

Floor/wall fixings for additional stability or slippery floor surfaces.

Closed padded side allows the Siesta to be situated closer to a wall.

Access holes can be provided to your specifications for gastrostomy, oxygen or other tubes.


Water resistant lycra-covered memory foam top mattress 6 in.

Water resistant PVC-covered memory foam top mattress 6 in.
(The Siesta and the Siesta Hi-lo can both be used with your own standard mattress.)

Manual profiling set a foam wedge for 2-position back support and a cylinder roll to act as a knee break

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