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Cosyfit Hi-Lo offers a high-sided, height adjustable bed with an option for Trendelenburg postural adjustment on Cosyfit Profiling

Who it’s for

Designed for those who cannot stand, but who have the strength or capacity to rock, thrash, push or kick, and so need safer bed sides. It is used both at home as well as in residential and care settings.


The robust, yet soft, padded high sides provide protection for those at risk of falling out of bed or hurting themselves on hard bed surrounds and other hard surfaces. They are strong enough to withstand the pushing and kicking of most adults, as well as children.

The large viewing panel on one or both sides of the Cosyfit Hi-Lo, allows light in and creates a sense of space, whilst allowing the user to watch television or enjoy sensory equipment. This also helps with communication and reduces the feeling of isolation or containment experienced by those in high sided beds.

The Cosyfit Hi-Lo can improve the quality of life for those who may spend long periods in bed but who need high sides for their own safety. The corded handset allows height and optional Trendelenburg adjustment.


The Cosyfit Hi-Lo comprises a Cosyfit bed on a robust Hi-Lo bed base with electrically controlled height-adjustment.

Suitable for use with ceiling track and mobile floor hoists.

3 padded side panels and 1 opening soft side with a mattress as standard.

The padded sides can be pushed close to a wall where space is limited.

Front panel can be fully opened and fastened to the side, providing a large open area.

The Cosyfit Hi-Lo Profiling is a high sided bed for those with extremely limited mobility who need support with sitting and raising themselves. It offers backrest and knee break functions, as well as tilting, reverse tilting and height-adjustability, which support many aspects of nursing care.

Usually provided with sides up to a maximum height of 76cm and, as with all profiling beds, the Cosyfit Hi-Lo  Profiling is suitable only for those who cannot climb over the raised backrest and knee break. Higher sides only provided where risk has been fully assessed.

For more mobile clients we would recommend the Cosyfit Hi-Lo, which can have higher sides, together with the Manual Profiling Set, consisting of a foam wedge for 2-position back support and a cylinder roll to act as a knee break.


Access Holes can be provided to your specifications for gastrostomy, oxygen or other tubes.


Soft side with viewing panel comes with one as standard with option for a second on the opposite side to create more light and allow access for carers from both sides.

Manual profiling set a foam wedge for 2-position back support and a cylinder roll to act as a knee break.

Water resistant lycra covered memory foam top mattress 15cm

Water resistant PVC  covered memory foam top mattress 15cm


UK Size

Internal dimensions of the bed: 183cm x 91cm

External dimensions of bed: 219cm x 110cm

Mattress depth: 15cm

Heights available (sides of the bed): 90cm, 106cm, 120cm,147cm


The Cosyfit Hi-Lo requires a clearance distance of 46cm from walls & hard surfaces and 22cm side travel

Contact us for a Technical specification and to discuss individuals requirements.



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