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Ly-on: Feeding, Education and Access Station

Max user height: 63” Max user weight: 154 lbs

The ideal HI-Lo platform to build a structured yet safe and comfortable posture for children who have complex postural or medical needs. Tilt-in space function, fold down sides and removable sheet.

Ly-on  Feeding, Access and Education Station

Developed with the aid of feedback from therapists and care staff Jenx delighted to bring you Ly-on a real solution to the challenge of positioning children who have complex postural or medical needs. Ly-on offers the ideal platform to build a structured yet safe and comfortable posture quickly and easily with no tools required.

The versatile base offers a wide range of height adjustment coming low enough to enable the child to engage in floor based activites and raising high enough for even the tallest of care staff to have a comfortable and safe working height when engaging with the child. 15 degrees of tilt in either direction allows for opportunities to change weight distribution to aid in pressure management. This tilt can also be utilised to provide a comfortable and safe position for a child to receive their enteral feed and can also be used for therapeutic drainage positioning.

Manufactured using either hygienic wipe clean material or removable washable covers, Ly-on is designed with practicality in mind and is designed for use with multiple children. A large range of positioning blocks ensure that even complex body shapes can be comfortably supported and if there is a particular shape you need just let us know, all of our positioning blocks can be customised for an exact fit.


  • Height Adjustable Platform
    • The support platform offers a height range of 20.5 in to 40 in via a hydraulic pump no need to find a mains socket or worry about charging batteries.
  • Activity Frame/Tablet Holder
    • Easily clipped into place, these accessories allow the child using the Ly-on to be entertained especially useful during long periods of lying, like when receiving their enteral feed.
  • Support Blocks and Straps
    • Numerous shapes and sizes available to accommodate children with differing postural needs.
  • Hook & Loop receptive Sheet
    • Removable and washable at 60 degrees, this sheet allows for precise positioning of the various support pad options. Additional sheets can be purchased for a multiple user environment or where heavy soiling may occur.
  • Fold Down Sides
    • Allowing for easy engagement with the child and also making transfers in and out of Ly-on safe and dignified.
  • Optional Accessory Cart
    • A simple cart that allows for storage of multiple accessories no more hunting around for support pads or straps.

Ly-on Feeding, Access and Education Station


Age range (Approx): Up to 12 years

Max user weight: 154 lbs

Max user height: 63 in


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Features & Benefits


  • Accessory Box

  • Accessory Cart

  • Accessory Mount

  • Activity Beam

  • Activity Frame

  • Additional Sheet

  • Bridge Block

  • Flat Pillow

  • Hook Tabs

  • Roll Pillow

  • Ly-on Rotation Control Frame

  • Side Lying Strap

  • Side Walls

  • Tablet Holder

  • Triangular Shelf Block