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Jenx Dreama 24-Hour Positioning System

Age Range (approx): 9 months-Adult

The DreamaTM is a night-time posture support system combined suitable for children and adults. Jenx have long believed that night-time positioning should be of the same high quality as day-time positioning. The importance of 24 hour positioning has become widely recognised over the last few years, as the continuation of good positioning throughout the day and night promotes improved skeletal development and better quality of life. Current thinking is that neglecting proper night-time positioning will take away from the benefits of any postural support given during the waking hours.  *Bedframe not included

The Dreama is a key part of any 24hr postural management program.

Recognizing that abnormal and posturally destructive tone is present 24/7, the Dreama system follows on from support offered by conventional positioning. Utilizing a variety of available support pads, the system can be configured to support even the most complex of postures.

Supporting at risk limbs and reducing tonal spasms, the Dreama contributes towards more recuperative periods of rest, which in turn has a positive contribution towards minimizing the risk of muscular skeletal deformity. Dreama can be used as a preventative system or to reduce the risk of further postural deterioration, and is therefore appropriate for any age.

Users who may benefit from Dreama include those with the following medical conditions: Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Arthrogryposis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and associated conditions, Post-trauma, Post-surgery, Spina Bifida and Scoliosis.

Quick and Simple!

With no difficult fastenings, no nuts and bolts, no noisy Velcro tape, just a supportive, full depth, pressure reducing mattress, and a large variety of support pad accessories that simply slide and lock in where needed,  configurations can be changed with the minimum of disruption to the user.

Key Benefits:

  • Better quality sleep or rest due to comfortable and supportive full depth positioning.
  • Easily contours thanks to strong, flexible aluminium base
  • Allows good ventilation between the body and the mattress, which reduces heat-triggered spasm
  • Quiet with no noise or disturbance when adjusting positions because of Glide-lock supports
  • Exceptional flexibility for 24 hour support with numerous individual accessories
  • Very easy to keep clean and keep hygienic


  • Comfort
    • Dreama is designed to be comfortable. The terrycloth covers are soft and comfortable. The support pads mean that the user sleeps in a comfortable position and won’t roll over into an uncomfortable one. Finally, the modular mattress system allows air to circulate throughout the system, keeping the user cool.
  • Versatility
    • Dreama offers a full range of positioning opportunities: prone, supine and side lying can all be achieved easily, quickly and quietly
    • The individual covers for each pad and mattress cushion mean that you can always see how each accessory is positioned and micro adjust the positions easily
  • Case Studies
    • Various written research on the original Dreama is available on request. This includes a great many case studies reporting benefits such as improved tone and better sleep in clients with a range of different needs, plus an independent study evaluating the use of Dreama for children with hip migration
  • Lifting and Handling
    • Dreama can be set up with the user in bed. This means transfers can occur with some, all, or no supports in place, which reduces the need for lifting. It also makes lifting easier as the position can be adapted once the user is on the bed.

*Bedframe not included

No video available.

Features & Benefits


  • Dreama Abduction Block

  • Dreama Base and Mattress

  • Dreama Knee Blocks

  • Dreama Locking Feet

  • Dreama Memory Foam Pad for Support Pads

  • Dreama Positioning Hoops

  • Dreama Positioning Pads

  • Dreama Side Lying Pad

  • Dreama Side Lying Support Strap

  • Dreama Slim Support Pad

  • Dreama T-Roll

  • Dreama Terry Cloth Covers