Jenx Bee Accessory
NB17, NB18

These slimline trunk support pads are made from flexible and hygienic PU. Each is available as a wrap around support with adjustable chest strap or shorter prompt support without strap. There is a single handed squeeze button flip away action on all supports and they are independently adjustable for height and width. Can be off set to brace a scoliosis or accommodate other skeletal deformities.Â

NB17 – Size 1, High Rise, Short Slim Pad, 20mm Bracket (pair)
6.3”(w) x 3”(d) x 0.8” (h)
160mm (w) x 75mm (d) x 20mm (h)

NB18 – Size 1, High Rise, Long Slim Pad with Strap, 20mm Bracket (pair)
8.1” (w) x 3.7” (d) x 0.98” (h)
205mm (w) x 95mm (d) x 25mm (h)